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Mara Hoffman blue maxi dress, €255 / Blue dress, €14 / Givenchy print dress / Mini Rodini blue top, €76 / Topshop blue romper, €36 / Sweat pants, €17 / TaylorSays leather sole shoes, €105 / Twins For Peace white shoes, €410 / Blue bag, €14 / Silver earrings, €315 / Burberry accessory, €105 / Rave Nailz nail care, €29

Uimahallireissulla edelleen. Pilviprintteihin innoitti Impivaaran uimahallin julkisivun taideteos Taivaan vuohet, jonka on toteuttanut Ann Sundholm. Teos ilmestyi seinälle uimahallin suuren remontin yhteydessä 2011. Sehän on aivan ihana!

How to dress in clouds? I found quite many answers in Polyvore site. The inspiration to cloud prints came from Impivaara swimming hall. The facade is covered with an artwork Taivaan vuohet (Heavenly Goats) by Ann Sundholm.


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